High-Pressure Pumps Applications In Commercial Settings

27 December 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

Look around today, and you will likely see a machine or equipment with a high-pressure pump working incessantly to ensure your life is smooth and seamless. A high-pressure pump, in this context, refers to a component that gives a particular machine the power it needs to execute a specific function, such as power washing, successfully. Although they have many applications in various settings, high-pressure pumps are primarily widely used in equipment designed for commercial uses. Some of the popular commercial applications of high-pressure pumps are discussed below.

1.       Disinfection

Disinfection has become a vital aspect in this pandemic era. Nowadays, businesses and homeowners regularly hire professionals to clean and disinfect surfaces, curbing the spread of COVID-19. However, disinfection companies dealing with commercial establishments like hospitals, office complexes, and schools need more powerful equipment than those hired by owners. Since commercial disinfection involves large spaces, it demands equipment that can work faster without compromising results. That is where high-pressure pumps come in handy. Commercial pump sprayers equipped with high-pressure pumps are ideal for eradicating pathogens from public spaces and other commercial settings. Plus, such pieces of equipment are now designed to withstand repeated use and harsh chemicals without breaking down constantly.

2.       Commercial cleaning

Many varied commercial cleaning options are available today. They include carpet cleaning, car wash, glass cleaning, post-construction cleaning, emergency response cleaning, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) cleaning. The common denominator shared by most commercial cleaning services is that they rely on equipment powered by high-pressure pumps, including pressure washers. The reason is, these pumps enable commercial equipment to perform efficiently and do a better cleaning job at lower labor costs.  

3.       Pest control and agriculture

The list of agricultural applications that require equipment fitted with high-pressure pumps is long and nigh inexhaustible. For instance, players in this industry use field sprayers with quality high-pressure pumps to distribute pesticides and fertilizers essential for protecting plants and the subsequent harvest. The pumps are also part and parcel of the boom sprayers farmers use to apply herbicides in extended farms. Besides, irrigating nurseries, vineyards, and farmland in broadscale farming without high-pressure pumps can be challenging, labor-intensive, and inefficient.

4.       Sewer cleaning

Sewer cleaning companies need powerful equipment to ensure drain and sewer cleaning and other plumbing services are well executed. To that end, high-pressure pumps never disappoint. When installed in equipment like hydro jets, they allow experts to clean out algae, debris, residue, and grime that gradually builds in the interior of pipes and sewer lines. Plus, since high-pressure sewer cleaning machines are typically packed with formidable power, they effectively eradicate more stubborn blockages like tree roots and semi-solid slurry from sewer systems.

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