Improving Air Quality With An Ionization Unit For Your Home's HVAC

15 October 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

A residential air ionization unit can be one of the most effective investments homeowners with air quality problems can make. In addition to being extremely effective, this can also be a more affordable option for air purification. However, some homeowners may not understand them.

Improve Air Quality With Minimal Maintenance

An air ionization unit can improve the quality of the air in the home without substantially adding to the maintenance needed. In fact, these systems do not have filters that will need to be changed. This is because air ionization systems rely on electrical charges to negatively impact particles in the air so that they are more likely to clump together with positively charged particles. After this occurs, they gradually fall to the ground. While these systems can be highly effective, you will need to be diligent about dusting and vacuuming the floors to remove these particles before they can start to accumulate.

Easily Retrofit Most HVAC Systems

When a home is already equipped with a central air conditioning system, a homeowner may assume that they will need to replace the entire unit if they are to enjoy the benefits of an air ionization system. In reality, many HVAC systems can be easily retrofitted with air ionization units so that the air passing through the unit will be purified before it is pushed into the home's ducting. While it is possible to retrofit most of these systems with an air ionization system, this should be done by a professional as it can require making sizable changes to the HVAC unit near the air intake. 

Balance The Purification Output With The HVAC's Airflow

One of the problems that people can face when it comes to improving the air quality in their homes can be a difference between the air output of the system versus what their filtration system will be able to effectively purify. This is partially a result of the air filters restricting the flow of air through the unit. In contrast, air ionization will avoid this, which can allow you to install more powerful air purifying systems without having this type of a negative impact on the performance of the system. For those living in larger homes, this can be a major benefit as the HVAC system may already struggle to effectively push the warmed or cooled air to the rooms that are the furthest from it. Contact a business for more information about residential air ionization units.