FAQs About Your Residential Water Well Pump

3 August 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you aren't familiar with your water well, you should be. The more you know about your well, the more capable you will be with regard to spotting things that should be immediately looked into or repaired. Catching issues quickly not only helps you to prevent major issues but it also helps you to prevent problems ranging from having your drinking water become unhealthy to having a non-functioning well. Here are some questions that are commonly asked about residential water well pumps, the answers to those questions, and more information that may become useful at some point: 

What's going on if the well continuously cycles?

If your well pump just keeps cycling and it doesn't shut off, then the problem may be that there is a hole in the drop pipe. Or this can also be a sign that the pump needs to be replaced. Either way, you are going to want to have someone come out immediately to fix the area with the hole or replace the pump for you. 

Why doesn't your well doesn't seem to be reliable anymore?

If your well pump has recently become unreliable, then there may be something electrical going on with it. If this is happening, you are going to want to have it looked at right away. Electrical issues are things you never want to ignore, not even for a short period of time, because they can cause bigger problems and they can be dangerous. 

Why does the water pressure go way down when multiple sources are using water?

If you find that your water pressure goes down when more people are using the water, then this likely means you don't have a constant pressure system installed in your water well system and if you do, then something is going on with it that needs to be looked at. When you have a constant pressure system installed, multiple people can use the water and everyone should still be able to expect the same amount of water pressure. 


Anytime you have something going on with your water well that you feel isn't normal, you should have things looked into. It's better to be safe than sorry, and this is especially true when you are dealing with your water well because you need to be sure that the water your family is using is healthy for consumption. Also, quick responses can prevent more damage that can be time-consuming and financially upsetting.