Why Your Company Might Want To Look Into Using Coastal-Recovered Yarn For Its Products

17 June 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Is your company looking for additional ways to go green? If so, you are probably looking for additional ways to create your current product line using recycled materials. While some of the materials you need to order might seem obvious, there's another type of recycled product you might be able to add to your manufacturing process that you have not yet thought about. Marine- and coastal-recovered plastic material yarn can be used in a wide variety of different items. Here's what this yarn is and why you might want to add it to your manufacturing process.

Do Your Part to Clean Up the Beach

Coastal-recovered plastic material yarn is created by companies who search the local beach or coastal shoreline for litter. If you've ever been on the beach and seen an animal get stuck inside the plastic rings from a six-pack of pop or beer, you know how damaging plastic and trash can be to the coastal ecosystem. When you hire one of these companies to supply your own with the plastic yarn that you need to manufacture your current product line, you will be doing your part to clean up the coastline and keep local marine life safe.

Plastic Material Yarn Can Be Used in a Variety of Products

While the yarn itself is made from recovered plastic, this yarn can actually then be covered with another layer on top. You could have your yarn coated with cotton, wool, linen, or a variety of other fiber types. In other words, you don't have to have a need for actual plastic in your product line to make use of recovered plastic yarn. A clothing manufacturer, for example, could use this yarn to create shoelaces or various fasteners for other garments that will look like it fits right in with the rest of the product.

Attract More Sales by Going Green

Using recovered plastic to create some of your products could go a long way towards making the public view you as an environmentally friendly company. Once you switch your line to include plastic yarn, you could consider advertising this fact on your product pages. There are potential customers out there who are looking to shop from environmentally friendly companies like yours. Switching to recovered plastic yarn will make it clear that you are using every available resource to go as green as you possibly can.

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