3 Trends In Engagement Rings

29 November 2017
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Engagement rings are very personal investments for many couples. When buying engagement jewelry, there are a lot of things that are taken into consideration. While budget is important, the style also plays a key role in the decision-making process. While a lot of customers take the traditional route when it comes to buying engagement jewelry, others are more open to trends. Here are three trends in engagement rings that are gaining traction:

Doing Away With Diamonds

Diamonds are hard, durable, and incredibly brilliant. So it's no surprise that they've been the stone of choice for engagement rings and engagement jewelry for years. While diamonds remain the most popular choice, around 20 percent of all couples are now choosing stones other than diamonds. Emeralds and sapphires are the most common alternatives to diamonds. Other gemstones that are often used in engagement rings include morganite, moissanite, tanzanite, and garnet. Many prefer the brilliant colors that are often found in other gemstones. Having a selection of rings with these stones on hand is something that any business that sells engagement rings should consider.

Lab Created Diamonds

Another thing that many couples are considering are lab created diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds have the same structure as natural diamonds; the only difference is that they are made in the lab. They look the same and are just as durable as mined diamonds. These diamonds are also guaranteed to be conflict-free. In the past many were reluctant to purchase a diamond created in a lab, however, younger couples tend to be more open to these diamonds. Lab created diamonds also cost anywhere from 20 to 35 percent less than mined diamonds, which appeals to couples who want to save on their engagement ring.

Accents And Details

While a diamond solitaire is what many people think of when it comes to engagement rings, more ornate rings are also available. Accents and details are becoming more sought after in engagement rings. Fancy accents and side stones are popular additions to engagement rings. Halos have become very popular recently and work well with round or oval-shaped stones. Filigree and diamonds added to the side of the ring are also trendy additions. Couples are looking to add a personal touch to their engagement jewelry and accents and details can make it possible.

Engagement rings are a sign of love and commitment. While traditional diamond rings are still very popular, there are plenty of trends that are gaining popularity. Gemstones other than diamonds are being sought out more often. Lab-grown diamonds have also become more popular in recent years. Accents and details such as halos and filigree are also trends that are gaining in popularity. 

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