Tips To Help You Start A Propane Business

22 October 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you have been thinking about going into business for yourself, one of the areas that may seem the most lucrative to you is providing customers and clients with fuel and power sources. As such, you might be seriously considering the prospect of starting a propane business. Before you jump right in and open your new business, get to know a few basic tips to help you get started and to be successful in the propane industry. Then, you can be sure you are doing what you can to gain a foothold in the propane fuel world and start turning a profit as soon as possible. 

Be Sure You Contact Your State Propane Association

One of the first steps you will want to take when you are thinking about starting your own propane business is to get in contact with your state propane association. These associations are designed to help ensure that all propane distributors are represented by a unified organization and that these companies all live up to the industry standards that consumers have come to expect. 

If you want to be successful in your propane business and be considered an official propane retailer and distributor in your area, becoming a part of the state propane association is a requirement. Contact them and explain your interest in the propane business, the areas you plan to serve, and the volumes you plan to sell in your first year. This will help you to become an active member of the association and a respected part of the community. 

Consider Whether You Want to Offer Propane Gas Delivery Services

There are two primary ways that you can provide customers with propane fuel. One of those ways is to have customers come to you whenever they need new fuel and have them transport the tanks to and from their homes or businesses themselves. The alternative is to offer propane gas delivery services. 

Offering propane gas delivery services can be highly beneficial to your business as many customers will appreciate the convenience of having their fuel delivered right to their door rather than having to travel to a retail location. If you are going to be serving a rural area, delivery is also an important option to offer. Many farm and other rural homes rely on propane for various forms of fuel and heating and/or may use propane systems to run backup generators.

It would be difficult and costly for these rural customers to transport large amounts of propane to and from their home on their own safely. You could gain loyal and large customers in these rural communities simply by providing delivery services. 

These tips can help you to start your propane business off on the right foot.