3 Types Of Shipping Containers For Printed Products

13 September 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Do you own a business where you print invitations, make posters, or create other types of printed products? Or maybe you just like to make printed products for fun and give them as gifts. Whatever the case may be, it can be a challenge to find the perfect shipping container for your creations.

Here are three different types of containers that you might find useful when shipping your printed products:

Colored Shipping Tubes

It can be a challenge to ship large posters that you can't fold because you don't want to create creases. One great option for mailing posters is to simply roll them up and stick them in a colored shipping tube. Some other advantages of using colored shipping tubes include:

  • Help to identify and organize your mailings by allowing you to color code them
  • Offer a fun way to mail out your posters
  • Come in a variety of sizes for different-sized posters and documents

Many colored shipping tubes are durable and come with plastic end caps to ensure you posters will stay safely inside.

White Shipping Boxes

If you design invitations, business cards, or other types of documents that get printed in mass quantities, and you need a type of shipping container that looks simple yet professional, white shipping boxes are a great option. These types of boxes come in a variety of sizes so that if you're shipping something small like business cards, you'll be able to find the perfect shipping container.

Many white shipping boxes are corrugated so that they are sturdy and won't break upon shipping. Another benefit of using white shipping boxes is that mailing labels will stand out against the plain white background.

Padded Mailers

If you create booklets or anything that needs a spiral binding, padding mailers work well to keep this type of document safe and protected. One reason it's beneficial to choose a padded mailer over a large envelope or flat mailer is that it will protect the contents from getting punctured, wet, or torn.

Most padded mailers come in either plain white, or a smooth brown color, which is often referred to as kraft. However, there are also bubble mailers that are available in a variety of colors. Padded mailers come in different sizes and are usually available in a self-seal option, or you can buy ones that you need to tape or staple shut.

By having colored shipping tubes, white shipping boxes, and padded mailers on hand, you'll be sure to find the perfect shipping option when mailing your printed products.