Fun Additions To Your Frozen Yogurt Stand

29 August 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Running a frozen yogurt stand is a profitable venture if you know how to present your products correctly. You want your offerings to be fun and colorful so you can attract a wide audience that is proud to consume your frozen treats.

To get people to seek out your stand and to give your frozen yogurt creations the attention they deserve, try adding these fun offerings to your stand. They can upgrade your business in a whole new way without entirely re-branding your image.

Color changing spoons

Try adding spoons to your frozen yogurt offerings that change color with the temperature changes. They change from one funky and bright color to another based on how hot or cold they are. This will delight both young patrons and their parents, and give your stand an even bigger reason to be frequented by everyone in town. You can buy color changing spoons (and straws, if you want to have those handy as well) at your restaurant supply retailer.

Neon or metallic sprinkles

Sprinkles on frozen concoctions not only taste good, they look good as well. Think outside the box and move beyond the classic round or oval sprinkles in colors that are predictable, and opt for more modern candy toppers instead. Metallic candy sprinkles in gold or silver are sure to be a hit and make your frozen yogurt treats look like works of art, while neon sprinkles are sure to brighten someone's order as well as their day.

Customized Serving Cups with Crayons

Make the cups or bowls you serve frozen yogurt in even more fun by opting for dishes that have fun designs on them that can be colored by the recipient. When someone orders a frozen yogurt treat of a certain size or dollar amount, serve their order in this color-worthy cup and include a small packet of crayons with the purchase. Not only does this make your frozen yogurt more appealing to your youngest fans, it makes your offerings even more of a gift that is super fun to receive.

You want to please your customers in unique ways, and you can make this happen by adding a few fun things to your frozen yogurt stand. Talk to your restaurant supply retailer about the different items you can buy to make your frozen yogurt stand more engaging. Remember: when you buy your items in bulk you save money, so stock up on what you love most.