Is A Temporary Job Placement Right For You?

21 May 2020
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If you're out of work and beginning to look at job options, you may be wondering what path to take. Some individuals prefer to find a long-term job that they can have for many years or at least a big chunk of their career. For others, looking at temporary job placements is a good plan, and it works for their goals and personal career situation. You may be wondering if a temporary job placement is a good fit for you. Read More 

Rapid Pathogen Detection And Smart Chilling Incubators At The Front Of Battle Against Food Borne Illnesses

24 April 2020
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As President Trump backs laxer rules for meat processors, concerns are rising over a steady increase in foodborne illnesses. Poultry is the most common source of bacterial disease and, in particular, Salmonella and Campylobacter pathogens. Poultry and egg recall in the last three years have tripled over the previous six years, reports the PIRG Consumer Watchdog.  Of concern is the safety effects of new rules allowing meat processors to speed up slaughter and processing times. Read More