Add Cool Beverages And Snacks To Your Store's Inventory

30 June 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

Selling discount merchandise may have been profitable for the most part, but did you ever think about increasing your inventory to propel your earnings even further? Cold beverages and snacks that are displayed inside of a walk-in cooler may tempt your patrons as they are waiting in line to purchase the items that they have selected from your store.

A Three-Door Display Will Allow You To Separate Stock

Popsicles, soda, juice, water, and cold cut sandwiches can be put on display, but a commercial freezer that only contains one storage space and a single door will not allow multiple patrons to access the unit at the same time. A three-door cabinet display that contains glass doors and a back entry area will provide plenty of space and you can separate the food and beverages by category before placing the items inside of the racks.

The back entry will allow your employees to replenish supplies as needed, and the restocking efforts won't interfere with people selecting items from the display case. The backside of the case will provide ample room for walking and rear entry doors that are secured to each storage area can be accessed when new products are going to be added.

You Can Select A Custom Shape

It is fairly common to see commercial cooler units that possess a straight shape, but coolers can also be angled or contain multiple tiers that extend in opposite directions. If poles, woodwork, or the shape and size of a wall interfere with a straight design, select a commercial cooler that is slightly angled or that contains a L-shaped or U-shaped design.

The crew who design and install the cooler will ensure that your building's layout is not compromised in any way, and if you choose a cooler that allows for expansion, you can have additional cooling sections installed. This will allow you to offer even  more products in the future.

Coolers Do Not Require A Lot Of Work To Maintain

Cooling and lighting capabilities can be maintained with the assistance of the same people who install the unit. The cleanliness of the unit needs to be handled on a frequent basis. If you and your employees follow a cleaning schedule, add the cooler chore to it. The inside and outside of each case needs to be wiped off with a disinfectant. This will eliminate germs and will remove dust or grime from the plastic and glass surfaces.

For more information, reach out to suppliers of three-door commercial coolers.