3 Tips For Choosing The Best Lock For Your Storage Unit

25 March 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Storage units provide homeowners with valuable access to additional storage space that might not exist within the home. Placing seasonal items, keepsakes, and other items that aren't used on a daily basis into a self-storage locker can be a great way to keep these items close by without having them clutter up your home.

The type of lock that you choose to secure your storage locker can determine whether or not your stuff stays safe while in storage. Before you purchase a lock, consider these three elements to find a lock that's the right fit.

1. Size

When it comes to locking your storage unit, size matters. Smaller locks are much easier for criminals to cut using a pair of bolt cutters. Unfortunately, you can't just purchase the largest lock available either because the latching mechanism on the door of your storage locker limits the lock size.

It's best to measure the latching mechanism and invest in the largest lock that will fit through the mechanism safely. This will ensure that your belongings remain safely locked away while in storage.

2. Weather

Another factor that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a lock for your storage unit is the type of weather the lock will be exposed to. If your storage locker is located outside, you will need a lock that is capable of resisting corrosion when exposed to rain or snow.

Stainless steel locks are great options for securing outdoor storage units. Lockers that are located within a storage facility will not be exposed to the elements, so you can utilize a more affordable lock made from metal alloys instead.

3. Accessibility

There are few things more frustrating than making a trip to your storage locker to retrieve an item only to find that you are locked out because you forgot your key. If you don't want to have to be bothered with bringing along a key each time you visit your storage unit, then you should consider a combination lock instead.

Combination locks can also prove beneficial when multiple family members are keeping items in the same storage unit. You can share the combination with each of these family members to ensure everyone has access to the storage locker when they need it.

The type of lock that you put on the door of your storage unit will determine how secure your items are while they are in storage. Look for a large lock made from durable materials, and consider a combination lock to eliminate the need to keep track of a key. Consider going here to learn more.