How Empty Nesters Can Revitalize A Stale Relationship

11 September 2017
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If you and your spouse have been married for a number of years, it's only natural if the romantic side of your relationship has become rather stale. Raising kids and maintaining a home often take up so much time and energy that the former spark between you may wane a bit.

However, if you're a recent empty nester, you may be finding yourself with a little more time on your hands and a renewed interest in rekindling the chemistry that brought you and your partner together in the first place. Nonetheless, you both may find yourselves at somewhat of a loss on how to get the old magic going again -- you've probably already read about traditional ways such as date nights or romantic vacations for two, and maybe they just aren't enough to provide the kick start your relationship needs. No need to despair; fortunately, there are many strategies available for empty nesters to reconnect as romantic partners once their offspring have flown the coop.

Take a Class Together 

Exploring new subjects together creates a bonding experience that can bring back the early magic of your relationship. Your local community college should have a treasure trove of adult education courses to choose from. Be sure to pick a class that you're both equally interested in. Crafts and cooking classes are great because they provide hand-on activities, but academic classes create numerous opportunities for conversation, so choose the one that best fits your style as a couple. Better yet, take more than one class if time permits -- the more you learn and grow together, the richer your relationship will be. 

Experiment With Sex Toys

Many couples shy away from the thought of using sex toys to enhance their relationships for a variety of reasons. They may feel, for instance, that mature adults should not have to rely on props to achieve mutual satisfaction. However, sex toys add an element of fun and play that can lead to increased relaxation and spontaneity — and picking out the toys while relaxing in front of the fire with a glass of wine 

Using sex toys can also help both men and women in the empty nester stage of life to explore changing needs and desires. You're undoubtedly completely different people than you were when you first got married, and experimenting with toys can help define who you are today.

Also, many empty nesters have experienced changes in their bodies as the years have gone by and may have lost some of their former sexual confidence as a result. The key to rediscovering and rekindling the fires of passion that you thought were long extinguished is to proceed with patience and compassion. Be attentive to your partner's needs, have an open mind, and do your best to establish and maintain a light, fun atmosphere.

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Devote Yourselves to a Joint Cause

Another great way to bond as a couple is to find a cause that you both care about passionately. Working toward a shared goal is a great way to connect with others as well as strengthen your ties as a couple. Volunteering in your community provides an excellent way to work on shared commitments, which will translate into a more fulfilling relationship. Opportunities are plentiful for those wishing to volunteer, so take your time and find the one that best suits you as a couple. 

Breathing new life into stale relationships involves nurturing all important aspects of everyday life, from the sexual through the intellectual, so it's important to seek balance when cultivating shared activities and interests.